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AAJP Vol. 8, No. 1 Special Issue: Moving Beyond the Model Minority

Asian American Journal of Psychology | March 2017 Issue
Description and Table of Contents

SPECIAL ISSUE: Moving Beyond the Model Minority 

This special issue of AAJP represents a collaborative effort with the Society for Research in Child Development’s Asian Caucus Steering Committee (Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Charissa Cheah, Virginia Huynh, Lisa Kiang, and Yijie Wang), with Virginia Huynh and Lisa Kiang serving as lead guest editors. The collection of articles in this issue represents diverse methodologies, with a common aim of further understanding the development of Asian Americans beyond the confines of the Model Minority Stereotype and inspiring new conceptual and empirical approaches. We hope that readers will find the articles in this special issue to be informative and of benefit to their work. The Introduction to this Special Issue may be downloaded for free here, and the Table of Contents is below.

[Articles available on APA PsycNET]

SPECIAL ISSUE INTRODUCTION: Moving beyond the model minority. [Free download of article]
Kiang, Lisa; Huynh, Virginia W.; Cheah, Charissa S. L.; Wang, Yijie; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu

Hyper-selectivity and the remaking of culture: Understanding the Asian American achievement paradox.
Zhou, Min; Lee, Jennifer

Academic social support and student expectations: The case of second-generation Asian Americans.
Cherng, Hua-Yu Sebastian; Liu, Jia-Lin

Are they political? Examining Asian American college students’ civic engagement.
Wray-Lake, Laura; Tang, Julia; Victorino, Christine

Losing Kapwa: Colonial legacies and the Filipino American family.
David, E. J. R.; Sharma, Dinghy Kristine B.; Petalio, Jessica

Disentangling the myth: Social relationships and Filipino American adolescents’ experiences of the model minority stereotype.
Rodriguez-Operana, Victoria C.; Mistry, Rashmita S.; Chen, Yu Jung

Stigma consciousness, racial microaggressions, and sleep disturbance among Asian Americans.
Ong, Anthony D.; Cerrada, Christian; Lee, Rebecca A.; Williams, David R.

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