Asian Americans are experiencing unprecendented mental health concerns inthe context of the COVID-19 pandemic and compounded by anti-Asian racism. Pre-pandemic, 10.2% of Americans experienced depression and 8.5% of Asian Americans experienced anxiety symptoms, the lowest of any racial/ethnic group. Our study of 3,736 Asian Americans found that 4 in 10 Asian Americans are experiencing current anxiety or depression symptoms.

41% of Asian Americans are currently experiencing anxiety or depression symptoms. Younger adults (18-24 years), individuals making less than $25,000 annually, US born,  and Southeast and multiethnic Asian Americans are most vulnerable to experiencing anxiety or depression.

62% of Asian Americans with current diagnosed mental health conditions need help accessing mental health services. Adults aged 18-44 years and individuals less comfortable speaking English need most help accessing care.

53% of Asian Americans say that mental health concerns are a significant source of stress. Mental health concerns were the highest or second-highest source of stress across all Asian ethnic groups.

Asian Americans who faced anti-Asian discrimination are more than twice as likely to report current depression or anxiety symptoms than those who did not face discrimination (even after accounting for ethnicity, age, gender, income, and pre-existing mental health conditions).

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