Welcome to DMAA!

We are Division on Multiracial and Adopted Asian Americans (DMAA). Often overlooked within mainstream conversations around Asian America, we shine a light on the experiences of adopted and multiracial Asian Americans. DMAA members engage in research, teaching, clinical work, and community service that supports these communities.


Primarily comprising adopted and/or multiracial Asian Americans, our membership navigates the complexities of their personal lived experiences and their professional (or budding professional!) expertise as academics and clinicians.


As a division we seek to 1) connect individuals so that we might better serve our communities, and 2) develop a home and community for adopted and multiracial Asian Americans within AAPA. Here are a few of the things that we do:

  • Collaborate on sessions at AAPA’s annual conference
  • Host events throughout the year (e.g., movie discussions, dialogues with other divisions, research talks)
  • Support research and community engagement through small grants

Executive Committee

Co-Chair: Jessica M. Benson, Ph.D.
Co-Chair: Danielle Godon-Decoteau, Ph.D.
Communications & Membership: Adam Y. Kim, Ph.D.
Historian & Secretary: Yuki Yamazaki, Ph.D.
Treasurer: Jason D. Reynolds (Taewon Choi), Ph.D.
Student Representatives: Molly Sawdy & Madison Natarajan

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