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Volume 5 (1), October – December 1979

AAPA Constitution and By-Laws
AAPA Board of Minority Affairs: A Call to Express Your View (Robert Chin & Reiko True)
The Development of Culturally Relevant Psychologies (Terry Soo-Hoo)
The Shame Factor: Counseling Asian Americans (Mas Sato)

Volume 5 (2), January – March 1980

Open Letter to AAPA Members (Benjamin Tong)
Asians in Psychological Programs (Richard M. Suinn)
Issues in Asian American Psychology Curriculum (Stanley Sue)
Educating the Bureaucracy: Race versus Ethnicity (Albert H. Yee)

Volume 6 (1), 1981

Serving Pacific Asians with Developmental Disabilities (Sam Chan)
A View of Psychiatric Care in the People’s Republic of China (Larke Nahme Huang)
Asian and Pacific Islander Population in the United States (Yun Kim)
AAPA Constitution and By-Laws

Volume 7 (1), 1982

American Psychological Association Statement on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (James K. Morishima)
Chinatown’s Wellness: An Enclave of Problems (Chalsa Loo)
Yellow Youth’s Psychological Struggle (Magorah Maruyama)
Excepts from the First Issue of MESHwork News
AAPA Constitution and By-laws
A Summary Review: Ong, J. Southeastern Asian Refugees’ Presbyopia. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1981, 53, 667-670
American Psychological Association Resolution Against Use of “Race” Classification System

Volume 8 (1), 1983

Selected Mental Health Issues for Asian American Psychologists in the Eighties (Corky A. Leong, Toshiaki Sasao, & Jay M. Uomoto)
Challenges Before the AAPA: the 1980’s (Benjamin Tong)
Are Asian American College Students Trying to Pass for Whites? Conditioning in the Heartlands of America (Tuck Saul)
A Reflection in the Study of Asian American Elderly by Asian American Researchers (Soon D., Koh, Kenneth Sakauye, Tong-He Koh, & Alice K. Murata)
Attitudes of Asian American and White Undergraduates at an East Coast Public University (Lydia Yuriko Minatoya)

Volume 9 (1), 1984

Political Responsibility in an Age of “Common Sense” (Senator Daniel K. Inouye)
Toward Increased Social and Political Action (Senator Spark Matsunaga)
Asian American Research: Policy Implications (Stanley Sue)
Language and Discriminatory Practice in Psychology (Tien-teh Lin)
Indo-Chinese Refugee Services in Metropolitan Boston: An Impressionistic Assessment (Henry Jung)

Volume 10 (1), 1985

The Need for a Relevant Psychology for Asians (Andrew Chen Shium)
Asian Americans and Educational Pursuits: Are the Doors Beginning to Close? (Stanley Sue)
Career Decisions and an Asian Acculturation Scale (Richard Suinn, Katherine Rilcard-Figuerua, Sandra Lew, & Patricia Vigil)
Effects of Client Socioeconomic Status, Race, and Acculturation on the Treatment Plans and Expectations of Asian American Therapists (Alisa T. Wong)
A Cross- Cultural Study of the Relation Between Degree of American Acculturation and Androgyny (Serena Gue)

Volume 11 (1), 1986

Depression Prevention Research Project (Florentius Chan, Yu Wen Ying, Ricardo F. Munoz)
Toward a Heuristic Framework for Pacific/Asian American Quality of Life (Stephen S. Fugita)
Assessing Psychological Needs of Asian American Children (David S. Goh)
The Future of Mircocomputers in Psychological Service Delivery (David S. Goh)
Structured Cognitive Modifiability, Mediated Learning Experience and the Limited English Proficient Student (Linda C. Halog)
The New Racism, Affirmative Discrimination and Asian Americans (Jayjia Hsia)
Japanese Parents’ and Children’s Causal Beliefs about Academic Achievement (Fukumi Veronica Ichikawa)
Do Asian Americans Have Different Values than Euro Americans? (Yoshito Kawahara, Kenji Ima, Leilani Clark, Laurie Dennis, & Noriko Takahashi)
Asian-American Interracial Marriage (Harry H. L. Kitano, Wai-Tsang Yeung, Lynn Chai,& Herbert Hatanaka)
Common Denominators Underlying the Academic Success of Chinese-American and Japanese-American Students (You-yuh Kuo & Billy J. Paschal)
The Use of Diagnostic Interview Schedule with Vietnamese Refugees (Evelyn Lee & Florentius Chan)
Value Orientation and Acculturation Among Asian, Black and White Americans (John T. Marquez & Jon K. Matsuoka)
Statistical Examination of Limitations in the Use of Cross-Racial Comparisons (Donald H. Ryujin & Allison J. Herrold)
Minority Status and Depression (Toshiki D. Sasao, Shelley Duval, & Nana Sadamura)

Volume 12 (1), 1987

Japanese War Brides (Chris Ijima Hall)
Asian American Women: Psychology Responses to Sexual Exploitation and Cultural Stereotypes (Connie S. Chan)
Asian Lesbians: Psychological Issues in the “Coming Out” Process (Connie S. Chan)
Asian Pacific American Women in Mainstream Politics (Judy Chu)
Rules of Social Support Exchange: The U.S. and Japan (Hiroko Akiyama, Toni C. Antonucci, & Ruth Campbell)
Adaptation in Old Age: Japanese and Vietnamese Elderly Women (Barbara W.K. Yee)
Therapeutic Issues with Asian American Women (Reiko Homma True)

Volume 13 (1), 1989

A Multi-Dimensional Model in Assessing Ethnic Identity for Asian Americans (S. Andrew Chen)
Family Values of American versus Chinese-American Parents (Rosina C. Chia)
A General Family Practitioner Approach for Asian-American Mental Health Services (George K. Hong)
Korean-Americans and Mental Health: Clinical Experiences of Korean-American Mental Health Services (Sung C. Kim, Sun-Ui Lee, Kyo H. Chu, & K.J. Cho)
Asian-Americans in the Montgomery County (Maryland) Mental Health System (Godwin K. Lau)
Psychopathological Dependency in Parent-child Relationships: A Chinese-American Case (Alex C.N. Leung & Herbert A. Chew)
Long-Term Effects of the Japanese American Internment Camps: Impact Upon the Children of the Internees (Donna K. Nagata)
Norms Toward Mobilizing Social Support Among Japanese-American Elderly in New York City (Tooru Nemoto)
Dating and Marriage Preferences Among Pilipino-Americans (Linda A Revilla)
Racial/Cultural Identity Development Among Asian-Americans: Counseling/Therapy Implications (Derald W. Sue)
Chinatown Child Development Center: A Culturally Relevant Mental Health Delivery System (Susan K. Theut & Alex C.N. Leung)
Pacific-Asian-American Mental Health Intervention (Nolan Zane)


Volume 1, 1995

History of Asian American Psychology (Frederick Leong)