DoSAA is a community of students and professionals committed to understanding social, emotional, political, and personal influences affecting South Asians in psychology and creating a forum to impact change for the betterment of South Asian mental health. 

DoSAA intends to be a credible source of information and resources on South Asian mental health issues. Specifically, DoSAA spearheads efforts around:

*Providing information on factors affecting South Asian mental health, ranging from broader concerns like immigration and acculturation to everyday issues like parenting and relationships.

*Creating a nurturing space for mental health clinicians, researchers and students to engage in collaboration, consultation and mentorship.

Division News

DoSAA’s FIRST ever conference on Friday September 28, 2018 in NYC at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

We are about one week from our first conference and very excited to share our updated schedule with venue details and social media tags!
DoSAA Schedule_Updated 9.25.18
Registration information is at:

The theme of the conference is “Raising South Asian Voices in Mental Health through Research, Practice, and Advocacy”.  The conference aims to highlight critical issues and mental health research focused on South Asian American populations while creating a forum to help foster change.  We hope to attract an audience of students, researchers, psychologists, MFT’s, social workers, and community members, and anyone concerned about South Asian American mental health.

Call for Proposals closed on July 28, 2018
Call for Proposals_DoSAA 2018 Convention
SAVE THE DATE_DoSAA 2018 Convention

We would appreciate if you could share with your students, friends, or anyone you may think would be interested!

2017 DoSAA Fellows Projects

DoSAA on July 8th, 2010 released a Statement in response to Time Magazine’s choice to publish “My Private India,” an opinion editorial piece by Joel Stein.

DoSAA on September 2011 were invited as guest bloggers by the South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT) to explore “Anniversary Reactions: Mental Health After 9/11.” View the article at SAALT.

Division Executive Committee

Chair: Gagan “Mia” Khera
Co-Chair: Chandni Shah
Chair Elect: Devika Srivastava
Membership Chair: Monika Parikh
Communications Officer: Nida Mirza
Treasurer: Anil Lalwani
Historian/Secretary: Achu Johnson Alexander
Student Representative: Ankita Krishnan
Senior Advisory Council: Shamin Ladhani (Chair 2008-09), Neha Navsaria (Chair 2009-10), Lina Patel (Chair 2010-11), Ulash Thakore-Dunlap (Chair 2011-12), Kusha Murarka (Chair 2012- 13), Anjuli Amin (Chair 2013-14), Rahul Sharma (2014-15), Puni Kalra (2015-16), Hina Pant (2016-2017)

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