Asian American Journal of Psychology

AAPA members receive the AAJP as part of membership. The Asian American Journal of Psychology is the official publication of the Asian American Psychological Association and is dedicated to research, practice, advocacy, education, and policy within Asian American psychology.

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National Convention

Each year, AAPA holds a national convention, occurring one day prior to the American Psychological Association convention. This event features presentations by researchers, practitioners and policy-makers and provides an educational forum on issues in Asian American psychology and Asian American mental health.

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Asian American Psychologist Newsletter

The Asian American Psychologist, AAPA’s official newsletter, is published three times a year and covers professional issues and events of interest to the membership. The electronic publication also highlights abstracts of recent research, job announcements, updates on AAPA activities, and the achievements of its members.

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Referrals and Member Search

AAPA Members can search the Member database for specific members or to find a member near a given city for a therapy referral. Types of service, types of practitioners, and language spoken by the provider can all be searched.

Learning and Discussion Forums

Our Association offers access to some of the foremost leaders within our field and enables our members to discuss research, teaching, and service issues and opportunities. For example: Are you wondering if a valid instrument exists for your particular research question? Or what text to use for a course on cross-cultural psychology?

Mentorship Opportunities

Student and early career professional members are linked with experienced AAPA members who can assist them in their clinical work, research and/or professional development.

Awards for Members

AAPA provides several Fellowships and Awards to support and recognize the contributions of our members.

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Regional Activities

Some financial support is available to sponsor activities that address the specific issues and concerns of AAPA members in a particular geographic region.

Other Services

AAPA provides other services such as a student travel funds to the national convention, leadership development programs, funding opportunities, and more.