The AAPA Division on Women (DoW) was established in 1995 by Dr. Alice Chang, with the support of other senior Asian American Psychological Association’s women leaders. The Division on Women has several goals, which include the following:

  • Laud the success of AAA&PI (Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Island) women
  • Develop social and political awareness of issues that affect AAA&PI women in psychology
  • Increase the visibility and involvement of AAA&PI women in professional psychology organizations
  • Create opportunities for mentoring and networking
  • Promote a sense of community
  • Highlight and support the investigation of psychological issues relevant to AAA&PI women’s experiences

Contact Ivy Ho & Sue Bae

The Division on Women is committed to working within the AAPA organization and with AAPA leaders to attain these goals. Over time DoW has developed ongoing projects and new opportunities to reflect the goals of DoW. AAA&PI women within AAPA and in the Asian American psychological community have been encouraged to increase their involvement in events, projects, and conferences that promote our professional and personal development. Overall, the goals of the DoW include promoting a sense of community among Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Island women, creating opportunities for mentoring and networking, developing social and political awareness of issues that affect AAA&PI women in psychology, increasing the visibility of AAA&PI women in professional psychology organizations among others.

Division Awards

The Division on Women offers two annual awards to Division Members. Both awards relate to presentations at the AAPA annual convention.  Please see Awards for Members for more information.  For more information or questions about Division on Women Awards, please contact  Ivy Ho and Sue Bae.

Division on Women Executive Committee

Co-Chairs: Agnes Kwong & Natacha Foo Kune
Treasurer/Membership Officer: Maki Obana
Secretary/Historian: Meenu Dhindsa