The mission of the Division on Southeast Asian Americans (DoSEAA) of the Asian American Psychological Association is to foster a community of students and professionals committed to promoting the empowerment, visibility, and well-being of Southeast Asian Americans (SEAAs) through greater understanding of the social, cultural, emotional, political, and personal factors that impact the psychology and experiences of SEAAs. As a division, we aim to:

  • increase representation and retention of SEAAs AAPA and within the mental health field, including the psychological discipline,
  • create and nurture a close-knit community of psychology/mental-health oriented students and professionals who are committed to serve the routinely neglected Southeast Asian American communities,
  • intentionally and strategically work to challenge the systems of oppression to promote community healing and thriving.

DoSEAA Executive Committee

Thanh Nguyen



  • PhD, Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Seattle Children’s Autism Center
  • Things I enjoy: “Spontaneous freestyle dance sessions with my toddler, family meals, and potlucks with loved ones.”

Scarlett Yang



  • PsyD, Intensive Care Coordinator
  • AACI Behavioral Health
  • Things I enjoy: “I enjoy sitting at the beach, hiking, biking, and exploring delicious food and snacks! My favorite pastime is watching Asian drama series and listening to Hmong ghost stories.”

Seint Kokokyi

Past Chair


  • PhD, Assistant Professor & Clinical Health Psychologist, Dept. of Clinical Health Psychology
  • Max Rady College of Medicine University of Manitoba
  • Things I enjoy: “I enjoy cooking and gardening.”

Nancy Truong

Communications Officer


  • PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Arizona State University
  • Things I enjoy: “Spending time outdoors/in nature, trying out new restaurants, creative outlets, and connecting with family and friends.”

Pa Her



  • PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Things I enjoy: “I love spending time with friends and family, telling stories with my preschooler, and staying active.”

Uyen Sophie Nguyen

Student Representative


  • MA, School Psychology Doctoral Candidate
  • Fordham University
  • Things I enjoy: “Spending time with my family and friends, checking out cultural events and shows around NYC, and having some low-key time for reading or recharging.”

DoSEAA Co-founders

The formation of DoSEAA was made possible by a dedicated eight-member working group that shares the same commitment and passion towards amplifying the voices and addressing the needs of the growing Southeast Asian population in North America.

Co-founders of DoSEAA:
Thanh Nguyen (she/her)
Pa Her (she/her)
Anne Saw (she/her)
Nellie Tran (she/they)
Nancy Truong (she/her)
Seint Kokokyi (she/her)
Uyen Sophie Nguyen (she/her)
Maximilian Tokarsky (he/him)