The mission of the Division on Southeast Asian Americans (DoSEAA) of the Asian American Psychological Association is to foster a community of students and professionals committed to promoting the empowerment, visibility, and well-being of Southeast Asian Americans (SEAAs) through greater understanding of the social, cultural, emotional, political, and personal factors that impact the psychology and experiences of SEAAs. As a division, we aim to:

  • increase representation and retention of SEAAs AAPA and within the mental health field, including the psychological discipline,
  • create and nurture a close-knit community of psychology/mental-health oriented students and professionals who are committed to serve the routinely neglected Southeast Asian American communities,
  • intentionally and strategically work to challenge the systems of oppression to promote community healing and thriving.

DoSEAA Executive Committee

Chair: Seint Kokokyi (doseaa.chair@aapaonline.org)
Chair-elect: Thanh Nguyen (doseaa.chair.elect@aapaonline.org)
Communications officer: Nancy Truong (doseaa.communication@aapaonline.org)
Secretary-Treasurer: Pa Her (doseaa.secretaryfinance@aapaonline.org)
Student representative: Uyen Sophie Nguyen (doseaa.studentrep@aapaonline.org)

DoSEAA Co-founders

The formation of DoSEAA was made possible by a dedicated eight-member working group that shares the same commitment and passion towards amplifying the voices and addressing the needs of the growing Southeast Asian population in North America.

Thanh Nguyen(she/her)

  • MA, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Things I enjoy: “Spontaneous freestyle dance sessions with my toddler,family meals, and potlucks with loved ones.”

Pa Her (she/her)

  • PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Things I enjoy: “I love spending time with friends and family, telling stories with my preschooler, and staying active.”

Anne Saw (she/her)

  • PhD, Associate Professor, Clinical-Community Psychology
  • DePaul University
  • Things I enjoy: “Exploring new restaurants and playing Wordle and its many iterations.”

Nellie Tran (she/they)

  • PhD, Associate Professor
  • San Diego State University
  • Things I enjoy: “Food and TikTok!”

Nancy Truong (she/her)

  • PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Arizona State University
  • Things I enjoy: “Spending time outdoors/in nature and trying out new restaurants.”

Seint Kokokyi (she/her)

  • PhD, Assistant Professor & Clinical Health Psychologist, Dept. of Clinical Health Psychology
  • Max Rady College of Medicine University of Manitoba
  • Things I enjoy: “I enjoy cooking and gardening.”

Uyen Sophie Nguyen (she/her)

  • MA, School Psychology Doctoral Student
  • Fordham University

Maximilian Tokarsky (he/him)

  • PsyD, Clinical Psychologist of Dayton Ohio