Executive Committee

Danielle Godon-Decoteau, Ph.D. (she/her)


Danielle is a Korean American transracial and international adoptee. She is an Assistant Professor at Oberlin College in the Psychology Department. Danielle obtained her degree in clinical psychology in 2018 from the University of Massachusetts Boston. Her research focuses on Asian American mental health, internalized racism, and transracial adoption. She has been on the executive committee for DMAA since 2017. Danielle hopes to raise awareness about the diversity of Asian American experiences and encourage critical examination of the intersections of race, culture, identity, and mental health.

Formerly: Treasurer (2017-2023)

Jessica M. Benson, Ph.D. (she/her)


Jess is a biracial Asian American and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at St. Olaf College. She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Rutgers University, Newark. Jess has previously served as the Secretary-Historian for DMAA (2020-21) and the Sessions Co-Chair for AAPA (2019-20). Her research focuses on racial essentialism, prejudice reduction, identity, and mindfulness. Jess is passionate about mentoring undergraduate students in research. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time outdoors and chasing around her young child and pets.

Formerly: Historian & Secretary (2019-2021); Chair Elect (2022)

Adam Y. Kim, Ph.D. (he/him)

Communications & Membership

Adam is an adopted Korean American and adoption researcher. Adam believes in using his research, teaching, and work in the community to advance nuanced conversations and critical perspectives on adoption that can improve the lived experiences of adopted individuals.
Adam is an assistant professor at Elon University where he teaches courses on social psychology, race and culture, and research methods and statistics. He received his Ph.D. from University of Minnesota in 2020, where he specialized in personality psychology and culture. His scholarly work focuses on identity, politicization, and solidarity in the contexts of adoption and racial marginalization. Recently, he has published work related to adoption in Journal of Family Psychology, Asian American Journal of Psychology, and The Routledge Handbook of Adoption. His other scholarly work examines multiracial coalition building, politicized identity, and collective action.

Formerly: Student Representative (2019-2020)

Jason D. Reynolds (Taewon Choi), Ph.D. (he/him)


Jason is a transracial Korean American adoptee and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling Psychology at the University of San Francisco. His research focuses on the areas of transracial adoption, identity development, names, mentorship, racial and ethnic socialization, qualitative research and psychobiography, and social justice training. He completed an APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School and received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University. He enjoys mentoring and learning from his graduate students.

Formerly: Chair Elect (2021); Past-Chair (2022); Co-Chair (2023)

Yuki Yamazaki, Ph.D. (she/her)


Yuki is a multiracial Japanese and Indian American. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services. She is also a lecturer at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Her research interests include the areas of stereotypes and microaggression, colorism, and identity formation for multiracial people. Yuki received her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University and completed her APA-accredited internship at Manhattan Psychiatric Center. Yuki formerly served as DMAA’s Student Representative from 2020-2022.

Formerly: Student Representative (2020-2022)

Molly Sawdy (she/her)

Student Representative

Molly is a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student at Suffolk University. She identifies as a Chinese American transracial and international adoptee. She has trained clinically at the McLean/MGH Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Institute (OCDI) and at the VA Bedford Healthcare System. She is currently a practicum trainee at MGH Home Base and a pediatric neuropsychology trainee at Concord Comprehensive Neuropsychological Services. Her research focuses on barriers to accessing effective mental healthcare for people and communities of color, including the mental health and wellness experiences of transracial adoptees of color.

Madison Natarajan, M.S. (she/her)

Student Representative

Madison is a biracial Asian American of Indian and White ethnic descent. She currently serves as a student representative for the Division on Multiracial and Adopted Asian Americans (DMAA) of the Asian American Psychological Association. Madison received her M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Lipscomb University and is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology PhD program at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Clinically, Madison has a passion for working with those struggling with severe and persistent mental illness and works to bring a rights-based and anti-racist framework within systems of psychiatric care that include non-Western approaches to understanding mental illness. Her scholarly work focuses on using Critical Race Feminism to understand the influence of the Religious Right and evangelical Christianity on U.S. culture, particularly examining the intersection of race, gender, and sexual identity of women impacted by these institutions and ideologies.

Past Executive Committee Members

Annabelle Atkin, Ph.D. – Student Representative (2018-2020)

Cirleen DeBlaere, Ph.D. – Inaugural Co-Chair (2017-2018); Chair (2018-2019); Past Chair (2019-2020)

Alicia del Prado, Ph.D. – Inaugural Chair (2017-2018); Past Chair (2018-2019)

Amy Kobus, Ph.D. – Inaugural Historian & Secretary (2017-2019); Chair-Elect (2019-2020); Past Chair (2020-2021)

Mele Kramer, M.S. – Historian & Secretary (2021-2022)

Maximilian Tokarsky, Psy.D. – Communications & Membership (2018-2020)

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