Awards & Grants

DMAA supports research and projects that speak to the needs of our community. In the spirit of fostering valuable research and community projects related to multiracial and adopted Asian Americans, we invite individuals to apply for funding to assist projects that support the mission of the division. All division members are welcome to apply; we especially encourage students and early career professionals.

Call for Submissions

To be announced in August, 2022!

Recent Recipients

Aimy Paulsen2020 Research Award

The relationship between racial microaggressions and Multiracial identity turbulence

Annabelle Atkin2020 Research Award

An Observational Study of Race Conversations in Multiracial Asian Families

Yuki Yamazaki2020 Research Award

The Intersectionality of Colorism, Microaggressions, and Positive Stereotypes for Multiracial Asian Americans

Lauren K. Berger, Ph.D.2021 Research Award

Multiracial Identity and Participation in Social Movements

Emily Hunt2021 Research Award

Asian but Never Asian Enough: Examining the Relationships between Biracial Identity Factors, Internalized Racial Oppression, and Self-Esteem in Asian-White Emerging Adults

Mele Kramer, M.S.2021 Research Award

Intersectionality of the Transracial Adoptees (TRA) early childhood traumatic experiences and learning about their lived experiences seeking effective counseling

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