“Beyond ‘Yellow’ Borders: Revealing Our Diverse Community, Expanding Our Coalition Horizon”

August 3, 2016 | Denver, Colorado

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About the 2016 Convention:

Our psychology is born from our history: Asian American Psychology today is a product of a long history of personal narratives, pioneering research, and social activism. This past year marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, a pivotal moment in our nation’s history that helped catalyze the already changing sociocultural landscape of the U.S. A period marked by racial tension and unrest, this moment helped rally Asian American activists to reclaim the word “yellow” (from its historically derogatory origin) and use it to mobilize and empower our community; it facilitated the construction of Asian Americans as a sociopolitical category. As we forge ahead and participate in shaping the next 50 years of our history, AAPA challenges you to look BEYOND: Beyond the stereotypical conception of Asian American (i.e., to reflect on how diverse our community has become over the past 50 years) and beyond a view of history that only focuses on the Asian American journey (i.e., to consider how our stories are entwined with the stories of struggle and successes of other marginalized groups in the U.S.).

This year’s theme, “Beyond ‘Yellow’ Borders: Revealing Our Diverse Community, Expanding Our Coalition Horizon,” brings together two important foci. First, the theme highlights the presidential mission of drawing awareness to the diverse identities within the AAPI community, which helps challenge the conventional image of Asian Americans as primarily of East Asian descent. Increasing visibility of our different identities and understanding our complexities equip AAPA with the necessary tools to advocate for equity and justice for all members of the AAPI community. With Asian American Psychology rooted in the social justice movement, the second focus underscores the importance of building coalitions and strengthening ties with other minority/marginalized groups in the U.S. AAPA encourages the AAPI community to focus on the commonalities between the social struggles of AAPIs and those of other marginalized groups (e.g., Latinos, Native Americans, African Americans, refugees). As AAPA continues to further its social justice agenda, we invite the AAPI community to think about our role in the larger social reform movement.

We are seeking proposals that draw attention to the experiences of the underrepresented Asian American groups (e.g., South Asians, Filipinos, religious minorities, LGBTQ). In addition, we are interested in submissions that focus on collaborative projects (both nationally and internationally), interdisciplinary scholarship, multicultural perspective, cross-cultural psychology, and other works that further the social justice movement. We encourage submissions from researchers, community leaders and activists, mental health providers, and educators who work with underrepresented communities. Moreover, we welcome submissions from professionals and scholars in allied fields (e.g., Anthropology, Asian American Studies, Communication, Education, History, Law, Nursing, Political Science, Public Health, Psychiatry, Social Work, and Sociology) with whom we collaborate and whose work informs Asian American Psychology.

For more information on proposal submissions: 2016 Convention’s Call for Proposals.

About the Annual Convention:

Each year, AAPA holds a national convention, occurring one day prior to the American Psychological Association convention. This event features presentations by researchers, practitioners and policy-makers and provides an educational forum on issues in Asian American psychology and Asian American mental health. In addition to keynote addresses and symposia, convention presentations and activities are organized in an interactive and small-group format that optimizes discussions between presenters and participants. Students and young professionals will have the opportunity to meet distinguished AAPA members at luncheon and dinner banquets. The convention also features a book drive, offering significant discounts on the most recent social science publications on Asian Americans and multicultural psychology, as well as other works of fiction and non-fiction which are of interest of AAPA members. To facilitate and encourage student participation, AAPA also funds annual student travel awards to the convention raised from the proceeds of the book drive.

The Programs for past Conventions are available for download: http://aapaonline.org/convention/past-conventions/.

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