Uống Nước Nhớ Nguồn”: Remembering our Elders, Restoring our Souls, Scholarship and Collaboration for the next 50 years.

September 30-October 2, 2022 | Virtual Convention

About the 2022 Convention:

The symbol of Water is universal and highly respected across many Southeast Asian cultures. The Vietnamese idiom “Uống nước nhớ nguồn” refers to nurturing one’s body with water, but also remembering that it is our elders and ancestors who, like water, is the source of where we are today. Likewise, we must be that same source of knowledge and wisdom for future generations. Water is a link that joins different lands, promotes life, and the modality that inspires innovative breakthroughs (e.g., agriculture, birth of civilization, marvels of naval transportation, and clean energy). These symbolic meanings serve as the inspiration for our 50th anniversary of the Convention. We want to look back and give thanks to the life source, AAPA and the work of our elders, that like the force of water, eroded barriers patiently and powerfully (Nước Chảy Đá Mòn), so that the complex intersecting identities of Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, and Desi (APINHD) can exist and persist. At the same time, similar to how water replenishes and renews, we are looking ahead to the exciting innovations that AAPA will spearhead in the next 50 years of the organization and in the field of Psychology.


As we look forward to the next 50 years, this year’s Convention aims to highlight how our community has both survived and thrived for the last 50 years while facing these challenges and looking ahead to building an even stronger supportive organization for each other through our scholarship. We will have a strong emphasis on self-preservation through healing, meditative spaces, developing action-oriented solidarity with different communities from minortized and marginalized backgrounds, and groundbreaking therapies. We will follow our elders’ footsteps and break down barriers to ultimately continue their legacy in building a better path for our future professionals and students to unapologetically and proudly voice their intersectional identities. We will do this while we continue our ongoing fight to Stop Asian Hate.


This year’s convention is on replenishing our souls and minds, weathering the storm and breaking down barriers together, and nurturing our communities in the future. Please join us virtually from Friday, September 30th, 2022 to Sunday, October, 2nd, 2022.

2022 Convention Co-Chair

Dr. Calvin Sims (he/him)

Pre-Registration Fees Details

Pre-Registration fees for this year are as follows:

·     Professional members: $45* one day | $90* three days (i.e., full convention)

·     Professional non-members: $60* one day | $120* three days

·     Postdoc members: $30* one day | $60* three days

·     Postdoc non-members: $40* one day | $80* three days

·     Student members: $20* one day | $40* three days

·     Student non-members: $25* one day | $50* three days

·     Retirees: $40* one day | $80* three days

·     Family & guests: $20* one day | $40* three days


As an effort to increase our attention to cross-group collaboration at this convention, we are offering a discounted registration price to members from other associations/organizations outside of AAPA. Please see below for prices for members from Ally Organizations. Please help us share this news with your colleagues and friends from different organizations.

·     Ally Professional Attendee: $45* one day | $90* three days (i.e., full convention)

·     Ally Postdoc Attendee: $30* one day | $60* three days

·     Ally Student Attendee: $20* one day | $40* three days


*There will be an additional processing fee charged by “Stripe.” The additional fee is shown in grey right next to the ticket price on the Registration page.

Online registration will close on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 11:59 pm PST. Ticket prices are subject to increase if you register late. Early and on-time registration is greatly supportive of our convention team.

To presenters of accepted poster(s) and/or session(s), we would like to have your confirmation of presentation by September 7th 11:59 pm PST, and registration for the convention by September 20th, 11:59 pm PST. Failure to do so may impact the status of your acceptance.

Note: If you are a member intending to volunteer, WAIT to register. Volunteers will receive a code for registration directly from the Volunteer committee. Additionally, if you are anticipating receiving a discount code, please wait to register until you receive a code for registration directly from your respective committee.

2022 AAPA Convention poster

About the Annual Convention:

Each year, AAPA holds a national convention. This event features presentations by researchers, practitioners and policy-makers and provides an educational forum on issues in Asian American psychology and Asian American mental health. In addition to keynote addresses and symposia, convention presentations and activities are organized in an interactive and small-group format that optimizes discussions between presenters and participants. Students and young professionals will have the opportunity to meet distinguished AAPA members at luncheon and dinner banquets. The convention also features a book drive, offering significant discounts on the most recent social science publications on Asian Americans and multicultural psychology, as well as other works of fiction and non-fiction which are of interest of AAPA members. To facilitate and encourage student participation, AAPA also funds annual student travel awards to the convention raised from the proceeds of the book drive.


The Programs for past Conventions are available for download: https://aapaonline.org/convention/past-conventions/.

For questions/concerns please contact your Convention co-chairs at


We will honor some special awards recipients at our annual Awards Banquet.
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