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2022 GLI Call for Applications

Dear AAPA members and colleagues,
We are excited to announce the call for applications for 2022 AAPA Graduate Leadership Institute (GLI). GLI will be virtual this year and will be able to accommodate a larger group of participants. Applications are due on Friday, March 4, 2022 by 11:59pm PST. Please share widely.

About the GLI

The Graduate Leadership Institute (GLI) expands the leadership pipeline programs for students in the Asian American Psychological Association. GLI 2022 will help students develop their leadership identity based on a strength-based and decolonized leadership framework. GLI will use didactics, experiential activities, mentorship, and community to promote a deeper understanding of self and others in the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AA&PI) community. GLI activities will include discussions on participants’ lived experiences which may include disclosure of difficult or traumatic experiences that will be held in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. The GLI recruits applicants who are current student leaders from AAPA divisions, students from the general membership, and students new to AAPA who have demonstrated strong leadership potential.

Building on the tradition of the AAPA Leadership Fellows Program, the GLI recognizes that the most vulnerable and isolated AA&PI students within AAPA may not graduate from their programs without additional support and opportunities to engage in work they find meaningful outside of their home graduate programs. The GLI offers guidance to students to help foster leadership skills unique to them. AAPA mentors who represent diverse leadership paths will facilitate dialogue and lead activities around AA&PI leadership. The GLI brings these individuals together for an intensive period to facilitate networking and bonding that will allow students to build a community of support and work together. We also seek to link isolated individuals with current mentors and leaders within AAPA to further enhance student’s opportunities of learning about AAPA leadership and demystifying the leadership pipeline.

Applicants selected for GLI 2022 will receive the following:

  • A $300 scholarship.
  • Applicants are eligible for an additional $300 need-based scholarship.  
  • AAPA convention registration fees waived.
  • AAPA student membership fees waived.

GLI 2022 will be virtual, on five Sundays through May and June 2022.  Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the AAPA convention following GLI, in October 2022.

Applicant Criteria


  • Applicants must be interested in becoming AAPA members (if they are not current members).
  • Applicants must not have completed their graduate degree program at the time of the GLI.
  • Applicants pursuing undergraduate degrees must have completed at least 48 credits and are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, or helping professions.


  • Applicants who have some prior leadership experience in local contexts (e.g., within their graduate program, volunteering in community) but who have not had leadership experience at the national level within psychology (e.g., held formal leadership positions in APA or other national psychological associations or served in any capacity on the AAPA Executive Committee).
  • Applicants who have had limited opportunities to become more involved in leadership roles within AAPA and other organizations (e.g., current mentors are not involved in AAPA, underrepresented professional interests or personal backgrounds) are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Applications are due by 11:59pm PST on Friday, March 4, 2022. 

Please follow this link to complete the application. The application will ask you to complete demographic information about you and your program, brief 1-2 paragraph essays, and to upload your CV.   

Please contact the GLI Planning Committee at if you have any questions and concerns.   

GLI planning committee

Kamille La Rosa, Swap Mushiana, & Minnah Farook

Here is the .pdf version