This page showcases profiles of researchers of psychological and Asian American topics. Click on the images to read their full profiles.

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Image_Sze, Jocelyn
Jocelyn Sze
Private Practice
Clinical Psychology

Image_Khera, Gagan
Gagan S. Khera
Rivier University
Division of Education

Rich Lee
University of Minnesota
Department of Psychology

Image_Kim, Bryan
Bryan Kim
University of Hawaii
Department of Psychology

Image_Ma, Winnie
Pei-Wen Winnie Ma
William Paterson University
Department of Psychology

Image_Chun, Kevin
Kevin Chun
University of San Francisco
Department of Psychology

Image_Yu-Wei Wang
Yu Wei Wang
University of Maryland
Counseling Psychology

Heejung Park

Bryn Mawr College
Department of Psychology

Image_ Hwang, Wei-Chin
Wei-Chin Hwang
Claremont McKenna College
Department of Psychology

Image_Wang, Shu-Wen
Shu-wen Wang
Haverford College
Department of Psychology

Image_Lee, Matt
Matthew Lee
James Madison University
Department of Psychology

Image_Holoien, Deborah
Deborah Holoien
Amherst College
Department of Psychology

Image_Syed, Moin
Moin Syed
University of Minnesota
Department of Psychology

Image_Goto, Sharon
Sharon Goto
Pomona College
Department of Psychology

Image_Sumie Okazaki
Sumie Okazakai
New York University
Dept. of Applied Psychology

Image_Kim, Joanna
Joanna Kim
University of California – Los Angeles
Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

Virginia Huynh
California State Univ. – Northridge
Child & Adolescent Development

Image_Hall, Gordon
Gordon Hall
University of Oregon
Department of Psychology

Image_ Kim, SuYeong
Su Yeong Kim
University of Texas – Austin
Human Dev. & Family Sciences

Image_ Qin, Desiree
Desiree Qin
Michigan State University
Human Development & Family Studies

Image_Zhou, Qing
Qing Zhou
University of California – Berkeley
Department of Psychology

Vaishali Raval Miami University Department of Psychology
Vaishali Raval
Miami University
Department of Psychology